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This is where I will share some code that might be useful for others. 
Lately I have been doing mostly iOS programming in Xcode using Swift but I have worked with other technologies before. Things like: React Native, C++, Objective C, .Net and others.

I was usually working solo on a project or with a small team in a startup. We tried to be Agile and sometimes we managed and other times not so much. I like to work on a single product and gradually make it better. I enjoy talking about product and feature ideas and lately I have been studying Design Thinking as a research method for getting better ideas. 

AutocellsDemo - An iOS demo project to showcase table views with self-sizing cells and a carousel-style left-right swiping view that contains a UITableViewController

KeyboardHelper - This class scrolls the screen upwards when the virtual keyboard is shown so that it doesn't cover the actual text field.
There are many solutions to the annoying problem of having the virtual keyboard cover the currently focused UITextField. I've seen some use a good universal implementation like IQKeyboardManager but they are not updated for use with or without Autolayout or other issues. This solution is fairly simple and adds a UIScrollView between your UIView and it's superview automatically. Sometimes simple is best. It works for views that use Autolayout constraints or just plain resizing masks.

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